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General Information

+ I charge by hours worked - 

I am currently $25/hour.

+ All shipping prices are determined via
the country I’m shipping to & charged
once the project is completed.

I typically only ship through USPS.
Shipping methods can be
discussed during consultation if you wish
to have your piece shipped to you
via another mailing service.

+ To receive a consultation,
please DM me via Twitter @SABKigu

    Please avoid using any of my other sundry
social media or email, I often miss messages
& therefore am very slow to reply to them.

+ Upon consultation completion & figuring out
what we want to do, I will give you a
detailed quote with a price breakdown.

    Once agreeing to the price, I will link you
my Terms of Service (form below)
I require a mandatory $60 starting 

deposit to hold your spot in my queue.

Refurb Specific General Info

+ I want to be 100% sure we are on the 

same page before doing any service. 

I may periodically DM you with questions. 

These are your children and I want 

them to be done right and as close 

to your specifications as I can manage. 

+ I do not guarantee being able to 

create an identical replica of 

the masks original form. 

If wishing to restore your mask 

to its original form - it will be 

as close to identical as I can manage, 

but making an exact copy is not 

something I am capable of doing. 

There will be some slight differences

 between the refurbished mask & the original.

+ I will not take on a project if I do 

not feel it’s in my wheelhouse of 

ability to alter or fix. This isn't 

reflective of you in any way.

I do not want to commit to 

something I am not entirely certain 

I can achieve. I try to be as honest 

as possible about what end results 

will be, and what I'm capable of 

at the time. I learn new 

techniques with every mask. 

+ I only restore or alter masks you 

own & send to me. I will not make you 

a replica from scratch. 

If my full custom commissions are open, 

I can make you something similar in my style, 

but I will never produce replicas. 

If that is something you're wanting, 

please contact the original maker.

+ Once my TOS is signed,
& mandatory $60 starting deposit is paid,
you will then be DM’d my PO BOX.

Please keep my mailing address private -
do not share it.

I have had issues with clients
shipping me masks pre completed
consultation or any payments being made.
I don’t like having projects in my possession
before those things are completed.

+ If you have any further questions,
feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter~
@sabkigu (linked above)

Order Form & TOS

Under Construction ಥ‿ಥ

☆ 2024 Form & TOS Update Soon ☆