Kigu Refurbishing & Parts


the Kigu Doctor is in~!

+ I am currently accepting
eye design & refurbish projects~!
+ To inquire about these or get a consultation,
please DM me on Twitter @SABKigu

+ Full info, pricing, and my terms of service
can be found via the "Info & TOS" tab

+ Examples of Refurbishment work
I've completed can be found below~ !

+ Return SAB Customers receive a
10% Return Customer Discount
on any Refurbishment Service~!!

Eye Designs & Prints:

(these prices are set by what you need
as opposed to by the hour)

       $40: Your design drawn & custom
formatted for printing.
PNG file will be emailed to
you for your personal use.

       $65: Your design physically printed
& 3 copies mailed to you.
You can add mesh to your order
for an additional $5 fee.

Refurb Services :

Makeup Alterations & Cleaning:
Removal of old makeup
& application of new makeup.

Structural or faulty quality fixes,
including but not limited to:
fixing scratches, dents,
or surface texture issues.

Structural Alterations:
Alterations to the design of the shell itself,
such as reshaping the nose,
taking in cheekbones, adding piercings,
changing ear shape, etc.

Replacement Padding:
(pretty self explanatory)

Wig Cleaning, Replacement, or Restyling:
This includes cleaning and fixing
small errors on existing wigs,
removal of old wig &
installation of a new one,
permanent wig styling,
yarn or specialized
technique wigs.

I do not currently offer
fabric or plush wigs.
Hard hair is not available for
refurbishment projects.

Eye Replacements:
Physical removal of old eyes
& installation of new ones.

This includes custom made to measure
parts such as animal ears, hats, hair clips,
bows, or other cosplay specific items.

I do not currently offer glasses -
I’m still trying to figure out how to make
them in a fashion that I like,
still in the trial and error phase - lol

Refurbishment Portfolio
~ below are some examples of
my refurbishment work ~

Full OC Refurbishment

Wig Adjustments &
Cracking Repairs

Structural Refurbishment

 Wig & Makeup Refurbishment 

Gurgle Love Refurbs

GKO Wig Refurbishment